1 Practice the Future

Leadership is not power-and-control, though we often confuse the two. Power, defined as authority, gives permission. On one hand, ‘power to enable’ helps accomplish a task. On the other, ‘power to dominate’ is simply that: power-and-control. Power touches leadership but is not itself leadership. Management, while important, is also not leadership. Management seeks to improve what we already have. Leadership looks to the future to see what we need. Often, management and leadership work together.  Leaders practice the future (listen to the video and answer the following questions):

Three questions:
a) How do leadership and management differ yet compliment one another?
b) Why are we attracted to the leader as hero and why must leadership be defined in different terms?
c) How would my daily routine change if I were to ask in each situation, “At the moment, what is the leadership task?”