4 Build Community

We gather in neighborhoods, congregations and committees. The ways we choose to do so, matters. In an age of isolation and urban individualism, community building becomes a principal activity of leadership. The central leadership task is not to provide answers or drive change, but to create, in Juanita Brown and David Isaac’s words, ‘hospitable space’ and invite ‘collective attention’ to what is important.  Leaders build community (listen to the video and answer the following questions):

Four questions:
a) In the future, how do we want to gather – in our meetings, committees, community or religious activities?
b) Who should be at the table, whose ideas need to be considered, what voices heard?
c) What does it mean to create ‘hospitable space’ and for a leader to invite ‘collective attention’ to what is important?
d) To build a stronger community, what do we need to stop doing?