Leadership at the point of contact

At every point — at the top, at the point of contact, in between — leadership happens. Leadership at the point of contact happens at the place where the organization meets an external contact, the people they serve.

Leadership at the point of contact happens at the outer edges of the organization. By turning the system inside out, so to speak, the organization can focus its energy on its mission rather than on feeding the bureaucracy.

Employees are
• valued for their knowledge and leadership skills
• entrusted to make decisions for the organization

The organization, now flexible and nimble, can
• avoid unnecessary delays and red-tap
• quickly respond to every situation in ‘real time’

Because it is connected to those it seeks to serve, it can
• stay in touch with the present and anticipate the future
• respond quickly and appropriately to each new situation
• make necessary adjustments to the system

In this model, we are reminded that leadership must be honored where it is most effective, that is,
• in building relationships
• specifically, relationships at the point of contact