About David.

David Penner presenting to healthcare executives in Hangzhou, China, with Dr Wang

My interests have always been in people and places. That may be why I chose a career in history, teaching and leadership. It has taken me around the world in companionship with many wonderful and diversely-gifted people. I am intrigued by ancient wisdom, medieval architecture, and modern technology. I am energized by creative group interactions, refreshed in moments of quiet reflection, and encouraged by the knowledge that God is present on this journey. My family is an important part of who I am; I have benefited from generations of love and acceptance. Professionally, I have been a history teacher, high school principal, director of doctoral leadership programs, dean of a school of education, university registrar, vice president and president. Currently and on an almost daily basis I am engaged in leadership conversations with leaders and managers at Loma Linda University Health, holding in the last three years over 850 Leadership Conversations (small group discussions on topics such as leadership, change, and employee engagement). Some of my favorite professional experiences include sharing leadership ideas with hospital administrators in China, presenting a history paper in Jerusalem, and giving an address in honor of the Governor General of Jamaica.  Personally and professionally I have gained much from my fellow learners (some call them students but for me in my classes and conversations they are much more than that), from my professional colleagues (who challenge and inspire me) and from my friends and family (who forgive me even before I need it).   I am delighted that my life is lived in such fine company.

On this journey I have discovered that doing our best does not often occur randomly or in isolation. So I am focusing my efforts on creating environments that promote the chances that it will occur and more frequently. How can we create environments for leadership, learning and life? Join me in the discussion and discovery of making it happen.


DSP 2015