A good place to start.

DSPenner in London

SHARED QUESTIONS: Life matters. Learning never stops. Leadership makes a difference. Whether community is formed in family, town or organization — what kind of life do we want? Are we simply handed our situation or is it possible to make a positive difference? If we have a choice, where do we start? What would it look like if we were to view each of these three elements — leadership, life and learning — through guiding questions? What further value might we discover in the confluence of all three elements?  Here are three beginning questions and a few hints at possible answers.  More are discovered as meaningful conversations take place.

LEADERSHIP – How can we create a place where people do the best work of their life?
Connect. Make others’ work visible. Remove barriers. Do great work and great works.

LEARNING – How can we create environments where learning can take place?
Stay curious. Look for possibilities. Listen. Ask good questions. Remain open and accepting.

LIFE – How can we create space for not only doing but becoming (for ourselves and for others)?
Take notice. Give permission. Discover more about others. Be more of yourself. Live life!
For each person this is different; for me it is sampling the richness of life in art, poetry and photography, history and travel, conversation and reflection.

CONNECTING THE DOTS.  When these elements come together, interwoven in unique and powerful ways, something wonderful happens.  We come to live life in the company of fellow travelers on a journey of discovery. We actively learn in a community that values wisdom, wit and wonder. We express leadership in making space for others to live more fully now and in the future. How can this happen, what do we need to start doing, and what do we need to stop doing?  And how can all this ‘doing’ help us to move to the next level of ‘being’?  Let the questions, conversations and discoveries begin . . .


DSP 2015